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"Play the percentages.  Trust the probability."

Welcome to Plus Money Wagers home of the Plus Money Sports Report.  We are a sports betting informational resource for sports bettors, handicapping MONEY LINE UNDERDOGS ONLY.  We capitalize on the randomness of sports betting while eliminating the juice on losses and netting a premium with every win.  

The data contained in our report helps minimize the "gambling" aspect in sports betting using probability, percentages and bankroll management. 

We cover most sports including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball.  

November 19th


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50% Probability Games 0-1 (1.00) Units. 

What is the Plus Money Sports Report?

The Plus Money Sports Report is intended to be a guide for sports bettors.  We use two indicators to rate our plays, Value Rating  and Win Probability Percentage.  The greater the Value Rating/Win Probability, the greater the value of the play.  

We cover all Pro Sports as well as College Basketball and College Football.  We provide an individual report for each sport on a daily basis.  Register Today.