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Moneyline Underdogs Only


The sports betting world is rapidly changing.  It’s time to start thinking differently on how you make your sports wagers. The PLUS MONEY betting strategy allows our clients to maximize their betting profits while minimizing their bankroll risk. Rather than paying a 5-20% premium by laying juice on your sports wagers, we release moneyline underdog plays with a line of +100 or better using our PLUS MONEY strategy.

Our recommended plays consist of moneyline underdogs only.  Using our probability based handicapping strategy, we continue to achieve the same or better winning percentage as most “traditional” sports handicappers with higher payouts.  Using The Plus Money betting strategy versus the traditional betting strategy, when you lose, you pay no juice. When you win, you get paid a premium.

Visit our Inside The Numbers page to learn more about our mathematical competitive advantage.

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